Thursday, 29 Oct 2020

UK could face ‘short, sharp lockdowns for next six months’ before vaccine

The UK could reportedly be hit with temporary lockdowns for as long as six months, until a vaccine is developed to combat the coronavirus.

Large swathes of Britain are now under new restrictions, with the infection rate rising across the country.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday said the UK is “now seeing a second wave” of Covid-19.

Government sources claim the PM is considering a two-week “circuit-breaker” lockdowns to contain the virus.

One insider told The Sun Online that the UK may have to live with these lockdowns for the next six months.

The “circuit breaker” concept was introduced by Singapore in April by the country’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Schools and all but essential workplaces were shut, and restrictions were placed on restaurants and other public places.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock yesterday told Sky News: “A national lockdown is the last line of defence and we want to use local action, and we want people to follow the rule of six, in order to avoid it.”

He added that the government would “take the action necessary” to keep the public safe.

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