Monday, 26 Oct 2020

Man finds huge spider hiding inside headphones after ‘feeling tickle’ in his ear

A man was left shocked to find a spider hiding inside his headphone after feeling a tickle in his ear.

Plumber Olly Hurst, based in Perth of Western Australia, brought along his noise-cancelling headset to work and realised a huge huntsman spider lurking around the rim on one side of the earmuffs.

He took a video as he tried to get rid of the arachnid.

In the clip, Olly says: "I absolutely knew I could feel something tickling my ear."

As he brings the headphone closer to the camera, a pale beige-coloured spider is seen sitting inside the ear pad.

"Hmm, nasty," he adds. The worker places the gear on the floor, hoping the creepy-crawly would get out.

Olly continues: "He doesn't want to come out. He is happy in there."

He makes a last attempt to shake the headphones but the spider refuses to move.

The clip ends as he drops the earmuffs and walks away with a laugh.

Stunned viewers commented on Facebook that they would rather buy a new headphone than attempting to get the spider out.

One wrote: "Drop the earmuffs and run like the wind! How scary."

Another worried viewer said: "Gonna have to check the earmuffs at work before handing them out just in case!!"

"That would have gone in the flames," a third penned. "I'd rather get a new pair!"

While huntsman spiders do possess venom, they are not considered deadly to humans but can cause headaches, vomiting and palpitations.

Experts say the species are reluctant to bite and usually try to run away rather than be aggressive.

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