Thursday, 22 Oct 2020

Man arrested over sick Facebook video of baby ‘being abused during nappy change’

A man who allegedly videoed himself sexually abusing a child while changing its nappy was present at the tot’s birth, according to reports.

A police manhunt for Oklahoma man Brice Gage Watkins, 22, was launched after a video clip was uploaded to his Facebook account showing a baby being sexually assaulted.

One of the women who received the clip in a private message entitled “Whose baby is this?” recognised the child, and the room where the vile act was taking police, and informed police.

Shelby Minnick, who was sent the video a few days later, described Watkins as her best friend and said she believe the was "a good guy” until she saw the shocking video.

Speaking to The Sun from jail, where she is being held on unrelated charges, Ms Minnick said: "I was beyond disgusted.

"He was there to see the child born.

"I never in my life thought he would do anything like this."

"You could see in the video he had set the phone up to film," she said.

"He had taken multiple videos, five different videos in one recording, when she was like six months old.”

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Ms Minnick said it was easy to tell how old the baby was at the time of the incident because Watkins was visible in the video and she knew when it was shot because of “his hair cut and what he was wearing.”

She added that she was horrified by the video, and that "nobody knew anything about” what was going on with the baby until the video emerged.

She immediately contacted the baby’s mother: “She was out getting us breakfast,” Ms Minnick said. “I said she needed to get home right now…there was something with (the baby) I needed to show her.

"She started panicking. She got there in about five minutes. I had to show her and that was probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

"She lost it…bawled… how any mother would act.

"We then contacted police.”

A massive manhunt was immediately launched – at one point, on August 14, police in Watkins’s home town of Enid, Oklahoma announced that they had got their man only to later admit that it was a case of mistaken identity.

He was eventually tracked down by US Marshals in the home of a friend on Cordero Drive in San Marcos, Texas.

According to the Enid News & Eagle, Watkins is facing felony charges of lewd acts with a child under 12, as well as manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

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