Friday, 27 Nov 2020

‘Lack of enthusiasm’ for Joe Biden to leave US gridlocked for DAYS after election

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Shermichael Singleton told Sky News’ Kay Burley that there is an “enthusiasm gap” between people that are voting for Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s supporters. He added that undecided voters are more likely to vote for the current US President than Mr Biden on the final day of the US election.

Mr Singleton said: “This election is going to be a lot closer than I think many people realise.

“While there is a significant turnout in comparison to 2016, all those voters are not voting for Biden, I think we need to be clear about this.

“There is an enthusiasm gap between Biden and Trump.

“Many of the individuals that have decided to vote for the former Vice President are doing so not because they are excited about him but because they don’t like President Trump.

“While President Trump’s supporters are enthusiastic to give the President four more years.”

He added: “So the question becomes will those voting for Biden because they don’t like Trump overcome the excitement of individuals who are voting for President Trump.

“I think that data on that is a bit murky at this point.

“That is why I believe this may take two or three days to figure this out.

“Because you cannot undercount enthusiasm because there are many Americans that will say I don’t know who I am going to vote for until the day and that is something that will benefit President Trump.”

On Monday, a former White House Communications Director stated that Donald Trump is set to become the first US President in modern history that did not get an approval rating above 50 percent.

Anthony Scaramucci told Sky News that Donald Trump will lose the 2020 US Presidential election to Joe Biden.

He added that Donald Trump will be the only US President out of the last 13 that never once in his term got an aggregate composite approval rating above 50 percent. 


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Mr Scaramucci said: “Joe Biden is over 50 percent.

“Donald Trump is where he has always been, somewhere in the low 40s.

“He will be the first President in US history that did not get an aggregate composite approval rating of above 50 percent.

“That is in the modern era I should say.

“Out of the last 13 Presidents, he will be the only one that never once in his term got above 50 percent.”

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