Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Kim Jong-Un fury over bizarre depiction of North Korean Dictator’s wife

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Information of this frustration comes from Russia’s top envoy in the hermit kingdom. Over the last few weeks, Pyongyang has been issuing a series of vitriolic condemnations over anti-North leaflets. They are believed to have been sent by defectors based in South Korea who sends them across the militarized border, usually attached to balloons or floated bottles.

The campaigns have long been a point of contention between the two Koreas, but this time, Pyongyang upped the pressure, blowing up a liaison office and threatening military measures.

This was seen as a tipping point in breaking down communications between the two powers.

The liaison office had originally been built in 2018 in order for both countries to hold peace talks and work on progressing their relationship.

However, the attack on the building, on top of aggressive rhetoric coming from the Kim regime has only regressed matters.

It seems as though defectors have found a new way to ‘annoy’ Pyongyang.

A recent anti-propaganda poster included provocative imagery of the North’s First Lady Ri Sol Ju.

The image has clearly sparked “serious outrage” in North Korea, according to Russian ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora.

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Mr Matsegora is one of Russia’s longest serving ambassadors in the North and Russia is also seen to be a key ally to the isolated state.

“The leaflets bore a special kind of dirty, insulting propaganda, aimed at the leader’s spouse,” Matsegora told Russia’s TASS news agency on Monday.

They were photoshopped “in such a low-grade way”, he added, and served as “the last straw” for the North.

Since the collapse of the summit between Kim Jong-Un and President Donald Trump, Inter-Korean relations have been slightly frosty.


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The summit itself was about what North Korea (nuclear power) would be willing to give up in exchange for a loosening of sanctions.

But instead of lashing out against Washington, North Korea focused it’s anger on it’s Southern neighbour instead.

Despite the fact North Korea leader and South Korea President, Moon Jae-in had taken part in three summits to help improve relations.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, was also responsible for brokering the first Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore.

The impoverished country is subject to multiple UN Security Council sanctions over its banned weapons programmes.

The Russian diplomat also dismissed speculation that Kim’s younger sister was being trained as the next leader of North Korea.

Despite her “serious political and foreign policy experience”, Matsegora said Kim Yo Jong was “rather young”.

“There is absolutely no reason to say that she is being trained” to take the helm, Matsegora said.

“No one dares to call themselves number two in the country,” he added.

“I think that if you asked comrade Kim Yo Jong whether she was number two, she would answer with a strong ‘no’.”

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