Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

Husband ‘killed dad-of-three and hid body’ after ‘discovering affair with wife’

A husband allegedly lured a dad-of-three to his death using his wife's 'secret phone' after allegedly discovering 'intimate and graphic' messages between the pair.

Andrew Jones is accused of killing Michael O'Leary after discovering he was having an affair with his wife Rhiannon, a court heard.

The 52-year-old is accused of hiding 57-year-old Mr O'Leary's body – which has not been found since he was reported missing eight months ago, Swansea Crown Court heard.

He allegedly murdered Mr O'Leary after discovering messages to his wife Rhiannon, 51, on her iPad, the jury was told.

Jones, of Bronwydd, Carmarthen, denies murder, saying Mr O’Leary died in an accident.

Jones – boss of successful family building firm AJ Builders – was arrested days after Mr O'Leary failed to return home from work.

Prosecutor William Hughes, QC, said: “The murder was carefully planned and undertaken by Andrew Jones as were steps he subsequently took to cover up or destroy evidence of his crimes and in particular the destruction of Michael O’Leary’s body.

“There was an affair between Michael O’Leary and Rhianon Jones. They attended the same gym and at some stage during 2019 they began an extra marital relationship.”

But Jones became aware of the affair in September 2019 when he discovered messages on her iPad.

Mr Hughes said the messages between Mr O’Leary and Mrs Jones were “intimate and graphic in content”.

Mr Hughes told the jury: “This is a court of law – not a court of morals.

“Andrew Jones became aware of the affair in 2019 having read some messages on his wife’s iPad.

“He confronted his wife and was told Michael O’Leary did not want to leave his own wife. His wife told him she did not love him anymore.

“But despite the affair becoming known it continued."

The court heard Jones – along with his daughter Carrie – began to monitor Rhiannon Jones’ phone and movements.

Later Rhiannon Jones allegedly got a “secret” phone to continue to contact Michael O’Leary but her husband allegedly found it and used it to “lure” his alleged victim to his death.

Mr Hughes said: “He sent messages from her phone which led to his death.

“Andrew Jones lured Michael O’Leary to His death at Cyncoed Farm.”

Swansea Crown Court heard Mr O’Leary was reported missing after his wife and three sons received text messages from his phone saying: “I’m so sorry x”.

The court heard Mr O’Leary’s car was found close to a river but despite a police search there was no sign of his body.

Mr Hughes said Jones “lured” Mr O’Leary to a farm he owned and killed him.

But traces of Mr O’Leary were undiscovered until a breakthrough in the investigation on March 14.

Mr Hughes said: “Human tissue from a small intestines was found at the home of Andrew Jones.

“As part of the extensive search a rusty oil barrel was decanted at the bottom of that batter there remained what was thought to be human tissue.”

Mr Hughes said forensic analysis found it belonged to Michael O’Leary and it “gave the appearance of having been burned”.

Mr Hughes said that although Mr O’Leary’s body has never been found the “human tissue” was later found in the oil barrel at Jones’ home.

The court heard the trace of tissue was part of a small intestine and forensic scientists believed it had been burned.

A huge search was launched after the disappearance on January 27 with cops combing woods, rivers and fields near his home in Nantgaredig, near Carmarthen.

Police later scoured a landfill site 30 miles away but Mr O'Leary's body has never been found.

Mr O’Leary, was married to wife Sian, 51, and leaves behind three sons, Wayne, 31, and twins Phillip and Simon, 27.

The trial at Swansea Crown Court continues.

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