Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020

Family storms hospital morgue to steal dad’s corpse after he died of coronavirus

A grieving woman and her 20 other family members have been filmed stealing a man's body from a morgue after he reportedly died of coronavirus.

The hospital has since filed a criminal complaint against the daughter and her family for violating the protocol of handling Covid-19 deaths.

The woman's dad, Ramon Juarez, was admitted to the Juan Domingo Peron de Tartaga Hospital in Argentina where the doctors treated him for a cardiovascular problem, according to local news InfoBae.

He was discharged the next day but was sent back to emergency treatment due to a worsening condition.

Ramon died on Saturday night after and his death was recorded by doctors as being down to Covid-19.

His daughter allegedly begged the doctors to retrieve the body for burial but got denied by the hospital staff.

Video taken on Sunday, October 11, shows the woman and her family members stealing a body using a stretcher found in the building.

They load the corpse into the back of a white pickup truck while other drivers honk at the group.

The woman later admitted to stealing the corpse, saying she only wanted the chance to say goodbye to her dad.

The manager of the hospital, Juan Lopez, confirmed that a criminal complaint had been filed against the relatives of Ramon Juarez after what happened.

He told newspaper El Tribuno: "The patient had totally collapsed lungs. It may have been as a result of his coronary problem, but it may have been as a result of Covid-19, therefore and by protocol, the correct procedure is to treat him as a Covid-19 death. "

He added that the attitude of the mourning relatives was "not one of pain, it was violence, they threatened the staff, and they behaved in a bad way".

The daughter said: "I made the decision to remove him from the morgue because, as a daughter, I was not going to let him be cremated."

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Argentina has registered 917,035 cases of COVID-19 and 24,572 related deaths.

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