Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

Election 2020: Police probe second case of voter fraud

More voter fraud has surfaced with police now looking into a person who is boasting online about casting multiple ballots in this year’s general election.

The Electoral Commission this morning confirmed they had passed on information to police after a person said they had voted on a number of days at different booths.

It’s the second case of an elector suspected of breaching the electoral act since advanced voting started on October 3.

In a series of posts published on Twitter on October 12 a person who went by the pseudonym Tswizzle said they had voted twice already and planned to keep casting votes until polling day.

“There’s boxes for many electorates at each booth. I just went down the road and had another vote at another booth,” posted the unidentified person.

“I voted yesterday and because our system is so slack and requires no ID I’m voting every day this week and twice on Saturday.

“That’s eight votes against your party from me,” the poster added.

The tweets prompted a user to alert the Electoral Commission who in turn contacted police.

“Our investigation of this matter has resulted in a referral to police,” said a commission spokesperson.

A police spokesperson confirmed a complaint had been laid by the Electoral Commission regarding a series of posts on social media.

They would be investigating the matter.

There has been one other instance in the past week of alleged dual voting.

The commission said a person had been referred to police after they claimed to have voted multiple times.

In the 2017 election 37 people were referred to police who appeared to have voted more than once.

Police prosecuted one person.

The commission spokesperson said in most cases dual voting was unintentional.

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