Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

Donald Trump humiliation as US ‘on wrong path’ despite landslide prediction

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According to the poll carried out by the Democracy Institute and the Sunday Express, President Trump has a one-point lead on his rival, the Democrat Joe Biden. It comes as Mr Biden faces further controversy over corruption allegations charged at his son. According to the latest findings, the President has maintained a four-point lead of 49 percent to 45 percent in the key swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Other polls place Mr Trump further away from an election victory, with some predicting Mr Biden to enjoy as much as a 14-point lead nationally.

Several key policy areas hang in the balance and have taken centre stage in this election campaign, chiefly, the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare, racial tensions and crime and the police reform.

Climate change and a Green New Deal is something that initially looked to be one of the top three issues at stake, but has since taken a backseat with the pandemic and social issues aflame across the country.

It still remains a hot topic, however, and one that affects not only the US but the entire world.

While Mr Biden has promoted his own Green New Deal, what he describes as a “crucial framework meeting climate challengers”, Mr Trump has sniggered at the suggestion of spending millions of dollars on efforts to curb climate change.

He said he “will not stand for” a Green New Deal which will “kill millions of jobs”.

Proponents of a Green New Deal say they want to create millions of jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Such rhetoric from the President, combined with the considerable rolling back of environmental protections and regulations, has led climate scientists like Bonnie Warring, a senior Lecturer at the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment to warn that another four years of a Trump administration could cause irreversible damage to the world.

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She warned that a victory for Mr Trump on Tuesday would send the US even further “on the wrong path” than it had gone since 2016.

Prof Warring explained: “I cannot overstate the importance of this next election for the US.

“Donald Trump has been a catastrophe for climate change and environmental policy in general, and if there’s one thing I could communicate is how urgent it is for the global economy to make a transition away from fossil fuels very soon in the next decade or so.

“So having a President in the White House who withdrew the country from the Paris accord, who is removing regulations that allow oil and gas companies to spew methane, a greenhouse gas stronger than CO2, into the atmosphere, whose removing protections on all sorts of bio systems that store carbo like wetlands, what chance do we stand if he secures reelection?

“All of these things together have sent the US on exactly the wrong path and so it is so urgent for the sake of the global climate that the US – which is the biggest emitter in the world – does an about face and recommits itself to climate policies that will transition that economy to a zero carbon future as quickly as possible.”


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Since taking office, Mr Trump appears to have personally attacked the idea of climate change.

Videos consistently show him contending information provided by climate scientists.

No more was this clear than when he visited California last month amid some of the state’s worst forest fires on record.

While addressing climate scientists and experts, Mr Trump insisted that the world would soon “start getting colder” and that science “didn’t know” anything about climate change.

Although temperatures often dip and spike, data from the last 100 years shows that on average, the Earth has been warming year-on-year.

Trump has also attempted to push the blame on other nations whose industry-heavy economies emit astronomical amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

He has previously said that the US is “just a small speck” claiming that China, India and Russia, “they make up a big preponderance of the pollution”.

He added: “Nobody ever talks about that.”

It is true that China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

However, in second place is the US who, in 2018, emitted around 5.5 thousand metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, while China released around twice the amount.

Mr Biden has called Mr Trump a “climate arsonist”.

The President has a long history of being opposed to the science around climate change.

In 2012, he went as far as to say climate change was “created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive”.

He later said this was intended as a joke.

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