Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Dad of Brit girl ‘gang raped in Italy’ blasts ‘scumbags’ – ‘I hope she recovers’

The dad of a girl who was allegedly gang raped on holiday in Italy has labelled the accused “scumbags” and “delinquents”.

Two 15-year-old English girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claim they were attacked during a party in a villa in the town of Marconia di Pisticci, southern Italy, September 7.

Four men have since been arrested, aged between 19 to 23.

Prosecutors claim the teenagers had their drinks spiked before they were targeted by gatecrashers.

The girls were on their last day of their holiday before they were due to fly back to start the new school year in England the next day.

The 55-year-old dad of one of the victims, speaking from his lawyer's office in Pisticci, told The Sun: "She used to have a smile brighter than the stars. Now she no longer has it.''

He added: "My daughter is a strong young girl, energetic and intelligent.

"I really hope that she can recover from this as quickly as possible.''

The four men have been named by Italian media as Michele Massiello, 23, Giuseppe Gargano, 19, Alessandro Zuccaro, 21, and Alberto Lopatriello, 22.

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They are in custody on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding.

Describing the attackers, the dad continued: “They are scumbags, delinquents.

"That's why they should repent as the local bishop said in his Mass the other day. They should be ashamed for what they have done.

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"That's the only way they can help their families, justice and in some way end our pain.''

Another three men were named as part of the investigation but are not in custody.

A fast-track trial is due to take place next week.

The girls are said to have confirmed the identity of the accused men after seeing their social media profiles, while urine samples confirmed they had been drugged.

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