Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

Adorable kittens discovering underfloor heating leaves Reddit users in stitches

Footage of a family of cats and kittens discovering that they have underfloor heating has made viewers smile after going viral on social media.

In the adorable clip, uploaded by Reddit user u/Thund3rbolt, a grey cat and eight fluffy kittens are sprawled out on the tiles looking like a picture of sheer bliss.

The weeks-old kittens are not moving a muscle, looking deep in slumber as they soak up the heat.

Hilariously, the clip then zooms in on a particular kitten who has fallen asleep in a ridiculous pose, belly-down and stretched out like the feline has been stuck to the floor.

The video has been up-voted more than 140,000 times and provoked a strong reaction, with many people saying it was one of the cutest things they'd seen in a long time.

One viewer gushed: "They are adorable. Looks like someone spilled a bag of kittens."

Another person commented: "Omg. I need heated tile flooring. Do the extra cats just show up?"

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"I love the little one there that is totally stretched out," fawned a viewer.

Someone else wrote: "This video is what I needed today …. I mean this week … I mean this year … I just needed this video."

This comes after a cheeky cat was caught on a pet camera charging at the pet dog it lives with while their owner was away.

The cat's owner says the feline often acts up when she is not there to intervene and the innocent-looking dog bears the brunt of the teasing.

Meanwhile, a family has been left astonished when their beloved moggy turned up after going missing for more than three years.

Ginger cat Biscuit was found alive and well just a mile away from where he vanished.

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