Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

‘SNP in tatters!’ Galloway urges Union backers to ramp up pressure to force Sturgeon OUT

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The SNP has dominated the political landscape in Scotland for more than 13 years, fighting off opposition in the country to win three successive Scottish elections in 2007, 2011 and 2016. Ms Sturgeon became the party’s leader and Scotland’s First Minister in 2014, leading the SNP to general election victory in Scotland less than two years later. The SNP also crushed its rivals in last December’s UK general election, winning a further 13 seats to now hold a huge 48 of the 59 seats available to Scotland in Westminster.

But Ms Sturgeon has come under increasing pressure this year over her Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis in Scotland, which has seen nearly 45,000 confirmed cases and more than 2,600 deaths.

She has also been criticised in some quarters for her continued campaign to force a second referendum on Scottish independence – despite the country voting in favour of remaining part of the UK during a historic referendum in 2014.

Former Labour MP Mr Galloway, who recently established the political campaign group Alliance for Unity to force out the SNP and end all hopes of Scottish independence, has warned the pressure is significantly increasing on the SNP and Ms Sturgeon.

He has also launched a campaign for a vote of no confidence to be called in Ms Sturgeon and her SNP Government, with the Change.org already receiving more than 30,000 signatures and a wave of support from those opposed to the First Minister and her party.

Mr Galloway told Express.co.uk: “Nicola Sturgeon’s crowing about her record with coronavirus has been completely unacceptable as a Governmental stance but they are worse and not better than the vast majority of other places.

“The Margaret Ferrier affair has appeared as one of the biggest scandals in Scottish politics in many years.

“The SNP is in tatters, and now is the time for those of us who support the Union to make that pressure count.”

He added: “The SNP are beginning to turn and it’s time to chase them off the field at the election in May.

“It is now time for Nicola Sturgeon to go. I started a petition for her resignation and it quickly gained tens of thousands of votes.

“That petition is only treading water now because Resign Margaret Ferrier, another of my petitions, is trending on social media and is the call of the hour.”

Mr Galloway outlined a plan as to how this could be achieved heading into the Scottish elections in May 2021.

In Scotland, the SNP holds 61 of the 129 seats available in parliament, with the remainder split between the Conservatives, Labour, Greens, Liberal Democrats and independents.

Scotland’s ruling party also picked up a further 13 seats in last year’s UK general election, and now holds 49 of the 58 available seats to Scottish political parties in the House of Commons.

Mr Galloway said the only way to defeat Ms Sturgeon and the SNP at next year’s Scottish elections is to form a “cross-class, cross-party alliance”.

He explained this would mean pro-Union parties standing down in constituencies where they know they can’t win, and stepping up efforts in areas of Scotland where they are confident they can be victorious.

A similar tactic was introduced by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in the run up to last December’s UK general election, where he stood down dozens of the group’s members in constituencies that were likely to be dominated by rivals.

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Mr Galloway explained: “The SNP is not a party – it is an alliance.

“It’s cross-class, cross-party alliance, stretching from would-be Irish republicans in parts of Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and brogues, tweeds and troughs up in the Highlands and islands.

“We need a cross-class, cross-party alliance to defeat them.

“That means the pro-Union parties standing down where they can’t win, so that the best place pro-Union candidate can defeat them, and that’s what I’m fighting for.”

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