Friday, 4 Dec 2020

Guy Verhofstadt brutally ripped apart after jibe at Farage – ‘Bitterness will eat you up!’

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Mr Farage spoke at the event earlier this week, describing the 74-year-old Republican as the “single most resilient and bravest person I’ve ever met in my life”. Mr Verhofstadt, who regularly sparred with Mr Farage when they were members of the European Parliament, posted: “If Farage is Trump’s secret weapon, his campaign must be in real trouble!”

The EU lost one if it’s most powerful, important and successful nations on YOUR WATCH

Belinda De Lucy

Twitter users were quick the react, with former Brexit Party MEP Belinda De Lucy commenting: “The EU lost one if it’s most powerful, important and successful nations on YOUR WATCH.

“You ain’t no lucky charm sweet cheeks.”

Andrew Sweeney: “Really? Farage was able to defeat the entire British and EU establishment powers!!!”

Referring to Brexit, another Twitter user said: “If I remember rightly Nigel won that particular battle hands down. I would go as far to say he brought the whole of the EU down.

“Others will be following us and asking Nigel for advice.

Another added: “Bitterness will eat you up Mr Verhofstadt.

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“If you recall Farage’s intervention was what helped to deliver the UK from the EU’s clutches.

“I would suggest that you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

“The EU is failing whilst the rest of the world moves on.

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Another poster sought to remind the former Brexit representative for the European Parliament of a famous scene in last year’s behind-the-scenes documentary, Brexit: Behind Closed Doors.

They said: “I never get tired of watching the video of you and your EU cronies sitting around the table raising a glass of wine in celebratory fashion on deliberate Brexit negotiating sabotaging comments.

Guy, the time you could be trusted to stand up for anyone else has long passed you by.”

Referring to Mr Farage, another Twitter user asked: “Remind us Guy, who campaigned for years, forcing a pro EU PM to have a referendum?

“Who then against the odds campaigned & won said referendum.

“Who then forced the pro EU PM (T May) to resign following a drubbing in the EU elections & paved the way for a pro Brexit Government?”

Sander van Dam was even more direct, saying: “What was the result of the Brexit referendum, Guy?”

Most polls suggest Mr Trump is currently trailing Democrat opponent and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

However, Mr Farage insists his friend, whom he famously visited in Trump Tower in 2016, has every chance of pulling of a surprise victory.

Earlier today, in a reference to a political betting website, he tweeted: “Trump’s former attorney @MichaelCohen212 has bet $10,000 on a Biden win.

“I backed Brexit and Trump in 2016 and I’m going double or quits on Nov 3rd with help from @guesser.”

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