Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Brexit Britain’s future in JEAPORDY as Lords attempt to ‘thwart’ Boris Johnson again

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Tory MP John Redwood argued the House of Lords had again attempted to thwart Brexit by rejecting Boris Johnsons Internal Market Bill. While speaking to host Jonathan Saxty on Brexit Watch, Mr Redwood claimed the Bill was integral to safeguarding the UK’s future post-Brexit. He added the House of Lords had continually attempted to dilute and delay Brexit from happening, despite the will of the people – as shown in the 2016 referendum.

Mr Saxty said: “Now the Internal Market Bill, which is designed to correct some of the more pernicious aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement, that has been rejected by the House of Lords.

“It has now gone back to the Commons, what do you think the implications of that are?

“Also what are the implications of a Commons vote being delayed until the end of the month at the earliest, is this a cause for concern?”

Mr Redwood admitted that he was hopeful the Internal Market Bill would eventually pass in time for the Brexit deadline due to its importance.

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He also attacked the House of Lords for their role in delaying Brexit from happening smoothly.

He replied: “I presume the Government will want to reassert its Bill because it is essential to our future and to the success of Brexit itself.

“I am deeply disappointed but not surprised by the House of Lords.

“I mean throughout the Brexit process, ever since the British people made their very wise and good decision, the House of Lords by a big majority has been out to thwart us and undermine, prevent it, dilute it and delay it.

“Once again the Lords are on the side of the European Union instead of the side of British Brexit voters who want to get out of the single market and want to get on with the freedoms that bring.

Mr Redwood also defended the Internal Market Bill and insisted it did not break international law.

He said: “I don’t for one moment think that what Parliament is proposing to do by Commons’ vote breaks international law.

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“If you look at the treaty we actually implemented what matters is what our statutes say our treaty says.

“We put in a sovereignty clause in quite deliberately, I would not have voted for the thing without a sovereignty clause.

“The sovereignty clause is an overriding clause and it was there to say to the European Union, if you don’t sort out all these issues as promised in the negotiation period that followed the Withdrawl Agreement, then we are a sovereign country and have the right to sort out our own arrangements.”

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