Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Brexit bombshell: Leaked document shows Boris Johnson ‘hid plans from devolved nations’

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The leaked Brexit planning documents published by Guido Fawkes reveal that Westminster attempted to hide information about its extreme Brexit plans including details of the controverisal UK internal market power which the SNP branded a “power grab” on the Scottish Parliament The UK Government’s “Transition period planning assumptions (central case)” document, circulated to Cabinet ministers in June, included a specific instruction that it “should not be shared publicly or with the devolved administrations at this stage.” 

Another document on the food supply, which warned of “a tightening of supply” and “reduced supply availability, especially of certain fresh products” from Brexit also stated “Food is a devolved policy area.

It added: “We have not shared this assumption with DA [Devolved Administrations] as per handling instructions, but it will have an impact on DAs and their planning.”

The leaked document came ahead of the UK Internal Market Bill which Westminster says will protect UK trade after Brexit but devolved nations fear i will force them accept new standards on food, environment and animal welfare agreed by the UK Government.

The EU has also been angered about a part which gives ministers the power to override provisions in the Brexit divorce settlement relating to Northern Ireland – a measure the UK says is necessary to protect the peace process.


On Thursday, EU Commission Mrs von der Leyen announced that the commission was taking legal action against the UK for breaching its international treaty obligations in the Withdrawal Agreement.

Now the SNP have taken a hit at Westminster claiming the UK government “cannot be trusted”. 

The Scottish Government has recommended the Scottish Parliament rejects the legislative consent motion (LCM) it will vote on during a debate tomorrow. 

An LCM is an order that gives permission for the UK Government to legislate in a devolved area, but it is not legally binding, as evidenced in the passage of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement earlier this year, when the three devolved parliaments rejected the proposal.

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